It is always best to choose a premium domain. The best domain names are already registered, and premium aftermarket domains are more brandable. Why is a brandable domain name important?

Successful ebusiness starts with a top quality premium domain name. Obtaining a domain name is a very important first step in building a successful online business. Here are some popular reasons why individuals and businesses own premium domain names.

Improve Your Marketing/Branding and Visibility

Customers will find you easily and remember your website if you have the right domain name. It is your website address and if you are smart, it will be your email address as well.

Build Credibility and Trust

You will gain more credibility by having a decent domain name for your website, and using your domain name to personalize your email. This looks professional and helps establish trust between you and your customers. For example, an email address such as is more professional than

Brand and Image Protection

You should always purchase a domain name that best represents your business. Our business sells premium domain names to individuals and business entities looking for a brandable domain for their ebusiness, hence the name Domain names are valuable online real estate.

If you are serious about business, you should secure the right name as soon as possible before your competitors get hold of it. You may also find many other attractive premium domains for your ebusiness. Securing more than one will help to protect your brand and increase your market reach. It is quite easy to direct as many domains as you want to a single website.

Acquire More Traffic/Sales Leads

Some domains will be receiving traffic. This traffic principally comes from users who directly type-in the domain name in their browser, and from existing links from other websites.

A Quality Domain is an Investment

Offline businesses invest monies in real estate (buildings/land) with the view that the value will increase overtime. Similar to real estate, domain names increase in value. Domain values increase daily, and are not necessarily affected by economic recessions and any credit crunch.

Governments can build more houses to bring prices down and make homes more affordable. This cannot be done with domains. Every domain name is unique, and there are just so many quality domain names out there.

Building a professional website and marketing it will inevitable add value to a domain name. It is like putting a state-of-art building on a plot of land. The land suddenly becomes more valuable.