How Can I Sell A Domain Name?

If you already own a domain name that you have not yet developed a website for, and will no longer be using, it is possible for you offer the domain name for sale.

There are always buyers looking for quality domain names to buy. Domain names are being sold for as little as the cost of their annual subscription, to as much as 12 million dollars, as we have seen in recent years.

Where Do I List My Domain Name For Sale?

There are a few domain aftermarket sites on which you can list your domain name for sale. Some of these offer a free listing service, while some will charge either an annual membership fee or a listing fee.

The problem that I find with a lot of these websites listing domain names for sale is that you often have to search and sift through a lot of rubbish domains before finding one that has any reasonable premium quality.

However, domain marketplaces such as will be very selective about the domains they list, and will offer domains at reasonable prices. If you have a top quality domain name that is brandable and generic, marketplaces such as will be happy to list it for sale. In some cases, will even offer to buy your domain name.

One marketplace that we highly recommend that you list your domain at is This is a free marketplace where domain listings are free, sellers and buyers negotiate directly with each other, and no commission is charged on sales., an acronym for Exchange for Domain Names, is quite popular with both buyers and sellers.

On free listing websites, it may be best to pay for additional services such as Showcase/Homepage listing to get maximum exposure for your domain name. Domains that are listed in categories tend to sell much faster as well.

One easy way to indicate that your domain name is for sale is to put a “This Domain Name is For Sale” text/graphic on the website/landing page. Most domain parking service providers will facilitate this on their landing pages. To learn more a bout domain parking, visit the domain parking resource centre at (on main navigation bar). Some registrars such as will provide a free “For-Sale” landing page.