Buying Existing/Aftermarket Domain Names

If you are looking to register a domain name for your online venture, you will most likely realise that your preferred domain name and most of all of the alternatives are already registered.

Finding any decent domain names to register today is like finding a needle in a haystack.

However there is good news. Nowadays it is absolutely easy to buy an aftermarket domain name. These are domain names that are already registered and pre-owned. Normally the owner has not yet developed a website for the domain, and would be happy to sell it.

These pre-owned domains will however attract premium prices, depending on their quality. There are a number of ways to value a domain name. The value of a domain name will be ascertained by a number of factors, including its length, keywords, relevant industry, and TLD (e.g. .COM, .NET, etc).

Regardless of whatever method that is used to value a domain name, a premium domain is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. However the seller would never sell a domain for less that what the domain is worth to them. So really, a domain name is worth what the buyer and seller can agree on to make a deal.

How Do You Buy a Pre-owned Premium Domain Name?

Before you can buy a pre-owned domain name, you will need to find out who the owner is. You can obtain details about the owner of a domain name by checking the Who-is information about the domain. To do this, simply visit a reputable domain registrar such as and look for a “Whois” link.

Not all domain owners would be willing to sell their domains. These domain owners may understand the real value of their virtual real estate and may decide to keep them for future development or until domains appreciate in value.

Domain names that are listed on aftermarket sales websites such as are generally for sale. These websites will give specific instructions regarding how you can either buy or make an offer for the domain name.

You can easily find out if a domain name is for sale is by typing the domain name into your browser window and check to see if the landing page has a “domain for sale” link or information. If the owner wishes to sell the domain name, there will normally be a message on the landing page that indicates that the domain name is for sale. Normally there would be a link by which you could contact the seller directly, either by email or by completing an online form with your details.

If a price is listed with the domain, then normally that is the Buy-it-now price, and is often not negotiable. If there is no price, then the buyer and seller will have to negotiate until they can agree on a price to make a deal.