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Terms and Conditions of Service

By using this website you agree to be bound by these terms.

Purchasing A Domain

Please read carefully all information for each domain before purchasing or making an offer.

A sale transaction relates to a domain name only, unless otherwise indicated.

Domains with a price indicated can be purchased online via Buy Now link (processed by PayPal). These prices are not negotiable.

Domains without a price invite offers via form provided. If you make an offer for a domain and do not receive a response within 7 business days then your offer was deemed much too low. Only serious offers are guaranteed a reply.

Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be made so purchase responsibly. We will consider viable options for extreme cases.


An offer or counter-offer is only valid for 7 days. Either parties can hold the other responsible for failure to meet their obligations if their offer was accepted. reserves the right to reject any offer.

Agreement Between The Seller And The Buyer

The buyer will pay a one-time cost and the domain will be in their control as the registrant of record for as long as they choose to keep the domain name, provided that they continue to pay a standard annual registrar fee before the expiration date.

When the domain offer has been accepted, the buyer will have 7 days within which to send payment. For domains bought directly and immediately from the site via paypal, it should be expected that the domain name will be transferred to the buyer within 7 days, unless technical or other matters beyond the seller’s control prevent that. However, we will be able to transfer the domain name within 24 hours in 99% of all transactions after we have received the confirmation of the receipt of funds.

The domain will be pushed (transferred) into an account in the buyers name when payment is received. The buyer may choose to transfer the domain name to a different registrar after they have assumed ownership of the domain name.

We can however, facilitate the direct transfer to another registrar upon agreement. It must be understood that trasnferring the domain to another registrar can take up to 7 days, or more if there any technicalities. The receiving registrar will most likely charge a domain transfer fee. The transfer fee, an average of $10, will be payable by the buyer at their chosen registrar.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the domain name’s registration is renewed after the purchase. They can choose to register in one-year increments, for up to 10 years. Choosing a longer registration helps lessen the risk of losing a name due to administrative problems or non-payment.

Payment Methods

All payments must be made to Widest Media, owner of We offer four methods of payment:

– Paypal
– Wire Transfer
– Escrow (
– Direct Bank Deposit/BACS (available only to customers based in the United Kingdom)

The default payment for transactions under $4,000 is Paypal. However, if the buyer wishes to use another payment method, he/she can simply contact us for additional information.


Our website can seamlessly process payment via Paypal.

If a domain name is listed with a price, the buyer can simply click on the “Buy Now” button to checkout via Paypal, where the buyer can pay with any major credit card, debit card or even via direct bank credit.

If the buyer funds his/her Paypal account by a direct bank credit, it may take up to 5 working days before Paypal clears the funds.

We cannot proceed with the domain transfer until Paypal confirms that the funds have being cleared.

If the buyer is interested in purchasing more than one domain name, there is also an “Add To Cart” button. This button the buyer you purchase numerous domains in one single transaction.

In order to protect both the buyer and seller from fraud, where transaction amounts exceed US$4,000, we ask our customers to choose one of the more secured methods of payment listed below.

Wire Transfer and Escrow (

We will require payments via wire transfer or escrow if the transaction amount is above US$4,000. This is to protect both the buyer and seller from fraud.

The buyer can Simple contact us with their intention to purchase and we will supply all the information and instructions that they will need in order to pay via wire transfer or

Direct Bank Deposit/BACS

If the buyer is based in the United Kingdom, then it may be easier for the buyer to do a direct bank deposit or by making a BACS payment. We will supply the details necessary to the buyer in order to carry out the transaction.

Domain Financing

Widest Media, owner of does not offer domain financing. We have no experience using any company that offers such services and as such, will not be able to reliably recommend any such particular service provider.

If the buyer wishes to utilise any such service, it will be the buyer’s responsibility to investigate and research any such service provider and Widest Media will not be held liable or responsible for the outcome of any arrangements made between the buyer and any such service provider.

Transfer Of Ownership Of Domain Names

When we received payment for a domain name, we will create an account at the current registrar with the registration details submitted to us by the buyer.

In order to guarantee timely transfer of ownership you must provide all pertinent and accurate info. Any incomplete information may result in unnecessary delay.

We will then email the buyer with the login details. The buyer will then have full ownership, control and responsibility for the domain name. The buyer will be able to change name servers, domain forwarding and any other services or features necessary to utilise the domain name.

After we transfer the domain name to the buyer’s (newly created or existing) account at the current domain registrar, the buyer will be emailed the account login details.

The buyer will have full control of the domain name once they have logged in. They can point the domain name to their website or servers immediately.

The domain name will be fully transferred when the Who-is database shows that the buyer now owns the domain name. Most domain registrar has the facility to display Who-is details. You may try

The buyer will have full ownership, control and responsibility of the domain name if they can see the domain listed in their account when they login at the domain registrar.

Once you purchase a domain name from you will fully own the domain name. You will have full control and the responsibility to renew the annual registration subscription at the domain registrar at which the domain is registered.

Failure to renew the domain subscription will result in the domain name expiring and the domain registrar dropping/cancelling the domain name. If this happens, then the domain name will be become available for anyone to register it and assume full ownership.

Selling Your Domains Through only list top quality domain names capable of successfully branding websites/online businesses. We do not list domains other than the ones we own unless the domains are of extremely high quality.

These domains must be generic, keyword-rich or one-word dictionary domains. The sellers must be willing to sell at reasonable prices, as it is the practice to sell domain names below the average market price.

If you believe you have any top quality domain names that you are willing to sell at a reasonable price, contact us via the contact us page. You should include as much information about the domain, including category and price.

Only send qualified domains. Huge listings of unsuitable domains will simply be ignored even if the listings may include a few qualified domains.

We will notify you via email if we decide to list your domains for sale.

If your domain name is listed with us, we will notify you via email when we receive an offer for your domain name. We will negotiate on your behalf until a deal has been reached with the buyer, or until ether party cancels the negotiation.

For domain names with prices listed, the sales transactions will be processed immediately on our website via paypal.

We will act as escrow for all domain names that we sell on behalf of third parties. We will facilitate the receipt of funds.

The cost of the escrow service will be FREE to the buyer if is used. Media is not affiliated with

If another escrow service is used, then the buyer and seller will have to decide on who will bear the costs relating to the escrow services.

The seller will bear all costs relating to the use of escrow services from, including fees and wire transfer charges.

We will issue instructions for the transfer of the domain name when we have confirmed receipt of funds from buyer.

Once the buyer or Who-is database confirms that the domain name has been successfully transferred, we will send the proceeds of the sales less our 10% commission (minimum commission is $50) and any transaction-related costs.

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