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We can help you get the right premium domain name for your ebusiness. is a marketplace for pre-owned and pre-registered generic domain names. We specialize in offering to entrepreneurs, and business entities of all sizes domain names that are of premium quality for both their websites/ebusinesses and offline businesses.

Every domain name is unique. The best domains are already registered. This means that there is little chance of finding a decent domain name available for registration for your business.

Over the years we acquired a number of premium generic domains for our own developmental purposes. We have successfully developed a few of our domains into thriving online destinations. However, we realised that we may never be able to develop all of our domains due to time constraints and have now decided to offer some of our premium domains for sale.

We do NOT sell domain names that infringe on registered trademarks.

Our domains are generic, which means that they feature words that cannot be trademarked on their own. These domains are typically products or services but can also be categories, processes, phrases, job titles, places and dictionary words. Examples of some of our domains are, and

We only offer top quality premium and generic domains suitable and capable of branding your eBusiness websites and offline entities. is owned and operated by Widest Media, a company that is focused on acquiring, developing and selling digital real estate.

We only acquire generic domain names with high development potential. Our primary goal with our domain names is development. in not a domain registrar. We sell domain names that are already registered. If you wish to register a domain name, simply search online for a good domain registrar.

For added security and protection, we offer FREE escrow services for all domain transactions via
We strive to provide the highest quality of service and support. Please contact us with any queries that you may have.

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