About Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson is the founder of eBusinessDomains.com. He is a Chartered Certified Accountant, entrepreneur and branding enthusiast. He has spent many years investing in domain names – buying, selling and developing domain into brands.

He has helped many businesses successfully launch their web destinations, from choosing the right domain name to creating the right business plan and branding strategies.

Check out one of his personal brands at Widest.com. He owns a few premium domain names, including Aeroplanes.com and Displace.com, which are earmarked for development.

You can use the Contact Us page to reach out to Kevin.

How Much Is A Domain Name Worth?


Something is only worth what anyone is willing to pay for it. The same applies to a domain name. As much as a domain seller may wish to command six figures for his dot COM, [...]

How Much Is A Domain Name Worth?2020-10-16T01:07:53+00:00

What Is An eBusiness?


eBusiness is oftenly confused with eCommerce. However, they are not exactly the same thing. eBusiness or “e-Business” is short for Electronic Business. A standard definition for eBusiness is that it is the utilization of information [...]

What Is An eBusiness?2020-10-16T01:14:36+00:00
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