How Much Is A Domain Name Worth?


Something is only worth what anyone is willing to pay for it. The same applies to a domain name. As much as a domain seller may wish to command six figures for his dot COM, [...]

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Buying Domain Names On The Domain Aftermarket


Buying Existing/Aftermarket Domain Names If you are looking to register a domain name for your online venture, you will most likely realise that your preferred domain name and most of all of the alternatives are [...]

Buying Domain Names On The Domain Aftermarket2020-10-16T01:20:14+00:00

How To Transfer Domain Names And Ownership


How is Ownership of the Domain Name transferred? A domain name that is already registered and pre-owned can be transferred to another owner in either of two ways: internally and externally. Internal transfers are transfers [...]

How To Transfer Domain Names And Ownership2020-10-12T00:59:18+00:00

What Is A Premium Domain Name?


Have you ever wondered what a premium domain name is? This article sets out the main characteristics of a premium domain name. This will help you to identify premium domains, acquire the right domain name [...]

What Is A Premium Domain Name?2024-05-01T22:52:33+00:00

what Is Domain Investing?


Advantage of a Premium Domain Name It is always best to choose a premium domain. The best domain names are already registered, and premium aftermarket domains are more brandable. Why is a brandable domain name [...]

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