3 SEO Mistakes That Can Spell Doom For Your E-Commerce Websites

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3 SEO Mistakes That Can Spell Doom For Your E-Commerce Websites

As the world wide web becomes an increasingly intrinsic parts of our lives, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of making their products available online. And if you already have an e-commerce website, chances are you might be fighting a fiercely competitive battle with your rivals over the coveted search engines rankings.

While you might be doing all that you can, it is not uncommon to see businesses make terrible mistakes that can significantly damage their SEO efforts and result in lost sales. So, here are 3 of the most common SEO mistakes for e-commerce websites that you should definitely stay away from:


E-commerce website typically acquire product descriptions from the manufacturer and copy it word to word on their websites. While its a good thing to provide customers with detailed information, simply copying and pasting on your website can severely wreck your SEO efforts on account of duplicate content.

Write your Own Copy
You need to make sure that each and every page of your website is unique and consistent to the overall theme or products. So instead of uploading manufacture-supplied product descriptions, write unique descriptions for your products. In addition, make a list of your niche keywords and include them in the body copy, headers, sub headers, titles, meta descriptions and image tags.

Encourage Customer Reviews
A great way to promote unique content on your web pages is to encourage customer reviews. This will ensure a steady stream of unique content and also enhance the user-friendliness of your website.

A Complete Overhaul

Often site owners make site-wide changes overnight in a rush to conform to the latest SEO craze or adopt the hot new design trends of the season and so on. However, this often backfires and thrashes the overall search coverage of the website.

Identify your Requirements
Before you decide to rehaul your website, think about what exactly you want to achieve. After you have defined your objectives, introduce the new changes on a small group of pages and evaluate the outcome. Monitor the progress from here on and proceed as and how required.

Not Making it a Team Job

Often website owners lean heavily on one single aspect of the website and end up ignoring the other parameters. For example, a beautiful eye catching website may be visually appealing, but if its heavy on Flash or includes some rough bits of programming, then it would be at an overall disadvantage as far as the search rankings are concerned

Involve your Entire Team
Your website is the joint responsibility of your entire team – the designers as well as the developers. So make sure you discuss your ideas freely with the entire team before introducing any changes to the website. This will you can be sure that you get a balanced output.

Article written by Kabir Bedi, guest author.

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