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The domain name Displace.com is available for sale. Purchase this domain name for your business, website and/or brand.

  • Domain name: Displace.com
  • Status: Accepting offers
  • Extension: .COM
  • Length: 8 characters
  • Type/Category: Dictionary
  • Number of words: One word

This domain is quite neutral and as such could be used to create a brand in virtually any industry. This is a rare domain name, and will be quite valuable to the end user.

The biggest brands online use a single and generic word for their brand name/domain name. Think Amazon, Apple, Mango, Bench etc.

We have received countless offers this year alone, from the likes of music bands, retailers and manafacturers.

Here are some recent sales of one-word dictionary domain names:
Rangers.com – $375,000
Essential.com – $250,000
Werk.com – $250,000
Connaught.com – $250,000
Same.com – $233,333
Amber.com – $180,000
Classic.com – $172,500
Timeless.com – $150,000
Response.com – $150,000
Due.com – $130,000
Tie.com – $125,000
Adopting.com – $125,000
Move.org – $120,000
Ignite.com – $112,500
Ringtones.com – $105,000
Material.com – $100,000
Gang.com – $100,000
Projects.com – $82,550
Senator.com – $70,000
Import.com – $66,000
(Source: DNJournal.com)

Sales Process

If a sale is agreed, the details of the transaction such as price and buyer will NOT be disclosed to the general public without the buyer’s consent.

All sales will be handled via a reputable escrow service, such as Escrow.com.

Use the form below to contact us to make an offer or enquire about this domain name. We will only accept offers via the Flippa auction page, whilst the domain name is at auction.

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