Branding Strategies With Facebook, Twitter and the Domain Name

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Social Networking

Social networking is a key element in brand building today.

It’s all in your face and you cannot ignore it. Like computers and mobile phones, social networking is becoming a key component of everyday life.

This goes for the business world as well. You need to have a strategy of placing your brand in front of customers via the countless social networking channels. Brands choosing to ignore social networking as a marketing strategy do so at their own detriment.

As an accountant I do give consultancy services to a lot of start-ups. It never seems to amaze me how people with the most brilliant of business plans always completely omit the need to own the right domain name for their business.

We are way past that stage now. Any business savvy person should know that going online is a must for any business, regardless o f their size, sector or purpose.

We are now at the stage where people need to secure not only their domains, but also their social networking site handles.

When a business decides to use, they also need to secure whateverdomainname and  for branding purposes.

Customers do a lot of research these days before making a purchase, and your Facebook fan page and Twitter pages can help to say a lot about the credibility of your brand. With social networking media going to new heights, it is no longer just in the domain name. It now also has a lot to do with the social networking strategy.

Social networking media has enabled a lot of brands to go public and gain immediate popularity without breaking the bank. Major brands today do not only compete via television commercials, radio and billboard ads. They compete fiercely via their social networking strategies.

Whereas doing business online may begin with acquiring the right domain, mastering social networking media starts with securing your social networking handles/usernames.

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